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    Gerhard Anderson
    Linköping University
    Innovating CBT and Answering New Questions: The Role of Internet-delivered CBT.
    Arnoud Arntz
    University of Amsterdam
    Schema Therapy for Personality Disorders
    Judith Beck
    The Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    A Personal History of Aaron Beck
    Susan Bögels
    University of Amsterdam
    (How) can Mindfulness Help in Challenging Times?
    Younghee Choi
    Mettaa Institute of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    How can we Integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, and
    Mindfulness Psychotherapy to Train our Clients as Self-healers?
    David M Clark
    University of Oxford, UK
    Realising the Mass Public Benefit of Psychological Therapies:
    Science, Politics and Economics
    Michelle Craske
    University of California
    Reward Sensitivity as a Treatment Target for Depression and Anxiety
    Cathy Creswell
    University of Oxford
    Increasing Access to CBT for Child Anxiety Disorders
    Keith Dobson
    University of Calgary
    CBT in the Post- Pandemic World:
    Realigning Models of Care for Emerging Realities
    Anke Ehlers
    University of Oxford, UK
    Understanding and Treating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder:
    A Cognitive Approach
    Cecilia Essau
    University of Roehampton
    Cultural and Familial Aspects of Anxiety and Depression in Young People
    Paul Gilbert
    University of Derby
    Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy
    Gillian Haddock
    University of Manchester
    Tackling Suicide in People with Psychosis - We All Need to Talk about it
    Allison Harvey
    University of California Berkeley Research
    Devising and Disseminating Novel Transdiagnostic Treatments to Improve Mental Health and Sleep Health
    Steven Hayes
    University of Nevada
    Storm Warning: Attention to Processes of Change is Destined to Fundamentally Change Our Field
    Stefan Hofmann
    Boston University
    A Process-based Approach to Clinical Psychology
    Peter de Jong
    University of Groningen
    The Dirtroad to Psychopathology:
    Disgust-based Mechanisms and their Relevance for CBT
    Nimisha Kumar
    SGT University New Delhi
    Conceptualizing Beliefs, Emotions and Behavior from a Collectivistic Lens:
    Insights from Clinical Practice and In-depth Case Studies
    of North Indian Low income Men and Women.
    Jung-Hye Kwon
    Emeritus professor, Korea University
    Working with Emotions in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Robert Leahy
    The American Institute for Cognitive Therapy
    Cognitive Behavior Therapy for regret
    Lata McGinn
    Yeshiva University
    Stabilizing Chaos: Fostering Psychological Resilience in the Wake of Crises, Adversity, and Trauma
    Farooq Naeem
    University of Toronto
    Cultural Adaptation of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    Yutaka Ono
    National Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research
    The Current State of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Japan:
    a 35-year Retrospective
    Christine Padesky
    Center for Cognitive Therapy
    Reimagining CBT Therapist Training Through the Lens of Experience
    Ronald Rapee
    Macquarie University
    Why do Specific Mental disorders Increase during Adolescence?
    Yuji Sakano
    Sapporo CBT & EAP Center
    How Effectively can we work for the Dissemination
    of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in “CBT Emerging Societies”
    Paul Salkovskis
    Harris Manchester College Oxford
    CBT is Good, but Not Yet Good Enough: How CBT can be Developed
    and More Effectively and Widely Deployed across the World
    Matthew Sanders
    University of Queensland
    Evidence-based Parenting and Family Intervention for all Families and the
    Promotion of Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing across the Lifespan:
    Progress and Future Directions
    Mehmet Sungur
    Istanbul Kent University
    Infidelity and its Consequences:
    Is it Possible to Re-build Trust following Affairs?
    Tracey Wade
    Flinders University
    Reimagining the Treatment of Eating Disorders
    in a Post-Pandemic Environment
    Jianping Wang
    Beijing Normal University
    CBT in China: Challenges in Dissemination and Accessibility
    Sabine Wilhelm
    Harvard Medical School
    Digital Mental Health: Opportunities and Challenges