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The Republic of Korea (herein after Korea) is a country visited by approximately ten million international travelers every year. With its long history in culture and tradition, the country has a lot to offer to travelers. Continue reading to learn general information about Korea before visiting.


  • 1. Safe Streets & Low Crime Rate
  • With low crime rates, the streets of Korea are quite safe, and theft or assault is hardly seen or heard of. Additionally, in order to guide and assist tourists, "Tourist Police" can also be found in major tourist areas.
  • 2. Convenient Public Transportation
  • Extensive subway networks, a nationwide railroad system, and express and intercity buses keep the entire country well-connected. If you purchase a transportation card, you can get free transfers between subways and local city buses.
  • 3. Wi-Fi Heaven
  • Subway stations, coffee shops, malls, public facilities and most other tourist areas offer fast and free Wi-Fi so that you can look up any information you need.
  • 4. A Country that Never Sleeps
  • Many convenience stores, restaurants, malls, and ATMs are open 24/7 all year-round. You can buy things, including food and drinks, withdraw cash, and charge your transportation cards even in the wee hours of the night.


Korea sits in the North-Eastern part of the Asian continent. It is located between 33 degrees and 43degrees in north Latitude, and 123 degrees east Longitude. China, Russia and Japan are adjacent to Korea. Local time is nine hours ahead of GMT.


Korea enjoys four distinct seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. June is the best season of the year, with perfect temperature and amazing natural scenery.

Time zone

The Republic of Korea is on Korea Standard Time (UTC +9:00) and does not observe daylight savings.

Korean Currency

Korea's official monetary unit is the won.


The standard voltage in Korea is 220 volts at 60 Hertz, and the outlet has two round holes. If you do not have a multi-voltage travel adapter, you may ask to borrow or purchase one from your hotel's front desk. You can also find them at the airport, retail stores, major duty-free shops, and even convenience stores.

General Business Hours

Banks and Public Institutions: 09:00 - 16:00
Tourist Information Centers: 09:30 - 22:00 (Varies by location)
Restaurants & Cafés: Varies by location (Many open 24 hours)